Comic Artists on Co/Mix 2011

March 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

26 South African and 4 international artists..

The final list of comic artists that will exhibit and participate in Co/Mix 2011 is out!!

Anton Kannemeyer, Colleen Brand, Elaine Woodbridge, Jason Bronkhorst, Jeff Rankin, Jesca Marisa, Jesse Breytenbach, Joanne Bloch, Joe Daly, Kelly Gough, Masha Du Toit, Mogorosi Motshumi, ND Mazin, Pete Woo, Rayaan Cassiem, Rico, Roberto Millan, Stephanie van Vuuren, Su Opperman, the Trantraal Brothers, Wesley van Eden, Willem Samuel and Zapiro, and international artists Jacques de Loustal (France), Ephameron (Belgium), Erik Kriek (Netherlands) and JP Kalonji (Switzerland).

Check de blog to see sketches and follow the progress of these artists.


Gaining Velocity

January 17, 2011 § 33 Comments

“The Velocity Graphic Anthology website is THE place to check out the best up and coming talent from SA and Oz”

That’s quite a hectic statement to make! One that gives you high expectations….

I immediately liked the website. The design is nice, it’s clear and structured and no glitches with opening and scrolling through images. Slightly irritating though how the author explains on every page how to use it. Totally unnecessary. Just move your mouse around and click.

It’s a nice initiative to start collecting work from local comic artists. It does make me a bit sad though because most of the work is not really inspiring. There’s little authenticity, not in the concept, not in the stories and not in the drawing style. I’ve seen most of it before, somewhere, too many in fact.

But not all is doom. Technically, all of them are good. They just need to find a style of their own (and stop reading american comics maybe). A few, on the other hand, are really nice! I love Pete Woo and his fuzzy monsters, Daniel Hugo’s odd creatures and Rayaan Cassiem with his undefined dreary images.

But then again, that’s my personal taste. You might think different. Go check it out.

Pete Woodbridge

Daniel Hugo

Rayaan Cassiem

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