GAL in the bathroom

December 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

I first discovered GAL in my teenage years by accident but then lost track of him. Years later, in my university years, I found myself surrounded by GAL in a tiny little bathroom of about 0.5 sqm. Someone had covered the whole bathroom, walls, ceiling, everywhere there was GAL. No window, no daylight, only a very weak 20 watts lightbulb dangling overhead and lighting up more than 200 cartoons on every wall, the ceiling and the door.

GAL, nome de plum for Gerard Alsteens, in Flemish means ‘gall’ or ‘bile’ as inĀ  ‘dip one’s pen in gall’. And that’s exactly what Gerard Alsteens has been doing for 50 years. He is one of Belgiums most critical political cartoonists. This year he turned 70! and he’s not planning on putting his pencil down soon.

Forever my hero! Happy Birthday GAL!

“Man charges his ex-partner for not revealing his HIV status”

Man charges his ex-partner for not revealing his HIV status when they where in a relationship


“Christ beholding his Church”


“Mr Proper facing a disaster of proportions. Yes, he can!?”


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