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Good news on a Monday morning..

Last year we applied to the National Arts Council to produce and publish Graflit, an annual anthology of Southern African Comic Art. Unfortunately, the pigeon carrying the response from NAC got lost somewhere in the leafy gardens of the University of Stellenbosch. It was found 4 months later somewhere in a dark corner. For the brave little creature all help came too late. The NAC letter however finally reached it’s destination informing us that our proposal had been accepted.. HOOZAY HOOZAY!

And such perfect timing , as Graflit will be linked to Co/Mix 2011 and be even bigger and better. Graflit will consist of a selection of South African comic art and, more importantly, of a directory of south african artists. We will be launching a call to all comic artists to submit their work in March.

But for now, have a look at Jason Bronkhorst’s comix dot coza, an online curated directory of south african cartoon and comic artists.


Treasure hunting

September 17, 2010 § 1 Comment

And so… Here we go! Words&Images the blog is up!
Hooray and to infinity and beyond, I dare say..

My name is Lieve, and together with Andy, we will populate this blog to the greater glory of comic art! But first, let me introduce myself..

I grew up in Belgium, land of chocolates, beer and comics. Barely out of my diapers I discovered some comic books (strips as we call them over there) in my brother’s room. Before I knew it I had finished the whole lot of them and was desperate for more. Throwing a tantrum was not an option in our house so in stead i sneaked out to my brother’s clubhouse and discovered their treasure cabinet, a huge cupboard with comics losely pilled up as if they were newspapers. Obviously these boys don’t know the value of treasure, I thought, and so I decided to transfer this treasure to my own quarters. This was the beginning of my lifeling addiction to strips, bande-desinees, comics, strookies and whatever else you may call them.

Today, long out of my diapers, I am a proud associate of Words & Images, Comic Art Communication. Andy Mason and I have been thinking around this company for more than a year but only started working together in February. Andy Mason is a renowned artist and a walking comic library. His creative brain boils with brilliant ideas which absolutely need implementation. Hence, my role as the practical brain. The company is now in its diapers, but has already managed 2 Master Classes, produced 2 educational comics and a local comic called 3Ayhe!

This blog will not only give you more info on our projects – master classes, exhibitions, workshops, comic production, seminars, festivals, etc. – but will also inform you on whatever is up in the field of comic art in South Africa and internationally.


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