The most sexy comic babe..

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ain’t blond!

On the contrary, she is the red-headed sidekick of Storm, called Ember or Roodhaar. Out of a list of 540 comic ladies, she has been chosen as the most sexy comic babe! Smurfin and Wiske are in the top 100..

Storm, originally created by Don Lawrence, is one of the fantasy/scifi oldies with a very distinct seventies feel i.e. redhaired voluptuous warrior ladies, lots of orange and bright colours, and a tough hero to save the day.

Don Lawrence died in 2003. Three years later, a new team continued his work. Martin Lodewijk still wrote the scenario, Romano Molenaar and Jorg de Vos did the artwork. The new release renewed a massive international interest. The next album, titled Marduk’s Springs, was released in February 2009. A second team has been working on Storm since 2008 with Minck Oosterveer doing the artwork and Willem Ritstier writing the stories. Their first album will be called The Exile of Thoem.

Check out the complete list of 540 comic babes here

My personal favorites? Kris Van Valnor (Thorgal), Tinkerbell (Peter Pan by Loisel) and Cixi (Lanfeust)

Tell me your top 3!


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