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For registration and info email lieve.vanleeuw@gmail.com!


Erik Kriek announces his participation @ Co/Mix 2011

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Hi everyone,

I’ll be hosting a Master Class on July 9th. First let me say that I’m honored to be asked to host one. I’ve never considered myself to have ‘mastered’ the artform of comicbooks, at least, not yet. I think one can spend a lifetime trying to master it, it is part of the fun isn’t it? That being said: I could be so unmodest as to say I know a few things about drawing comics and making illustrations. Using your art to commuicate an idea, a joke or a story would be my topic of choice to discuss in this Master Class. I will be bringing a lot of examples of my own work for you to look at. I’m looking forward to coming to SA and share my ideas and shoptalk with you. Here’s the cover of the project I’m currently working on. A collection of stories by H.P. Lovecraft, adapted to the comicbook form (in Dutch I’m afraid, working on an english language version). It will not be finished until much later his year, but I’m bringing loads of finished pages, amongst other comics and commercial work.


CO/Mix 2011 presents Pete Woo

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Pete Woo seems to be on a major rollercoaster these days. Not only is he contributing to the Velocity Anthology, he is also contributing work to the Co/Mix 2011 exhibition in Grahamstown. Totally deserved if you ask me. I love Pete’s style. I’m convinced that if there would be a way to open up his head you would find a magical world of unknown creatures, prehistoric plants, alien colours and impossible amounts of fluffy stuff.  I would gamble my kingdom for even half a day in that wonderous world.

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Co/Mix 2011 is looking for a sales person!

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Co/Mix is looking for an experienced sales person to interact with our exhibition visitors and handle sales from our exhibition and gallery shop.

The ideal person would have at least 2 years sales experience, be passionate about the visual arts and be aged 25 to 35 (negotiable). This short-term position, for the duration of the festival (11 days), would suit someone who wants to be in Grahamstown for the National Arts Festival, with duties during the day and free time during the evenings.

It is essential that the person should:

  • Enjoy talking to customers
  • Be passionate about the visual arts
  • Be sharp, enthusiastic and presentable
  • Be experienced at selling art and/or craft
  • Be reliable and trustworthy
  • Be good at record keeping and writing sales documents
  • Be able to process sales using a credit card machine

An advantage:

  • Knowledge of the comic industry
  • Interested in contemporary culture
  • Previous experience at the National Arts Festival

What we are offering:

  • Free accommodation with breakfast
  • A stipend of R100 per day
  • A percentage of sales from the exhibition and shop
  • We may be able to assist with your transport

Please provide a CV with relevant sales experience, covering letter with your motivation and 3 suitable references. Send your application to comicartmixedmedia@gmail.com as soon as possible. Closing date 15 May.

Sustainable Development explained in cartoons

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Images by Oren Ginzberg

Developed by Survivor International

to bring them sustainable development.

However, in this specific case

we encountered an unexpected challenge.

It turns out that these people,

in their own strange kind of way,

were already sustainable…. So all we could really bring them was…

We started with Participatory Community Development. But they did not fully participate.
We tried income-generating activities… but some people seemed satisfied with less than a dollar a day.
We even attempted to empower them, but their reaction was more powerful than we expected.

So we opted for a Multi-Stakeholder Cross-Disciplinary Integrated Approach.

We developed innovative Private Sector Partnerships.

We developed Vocational Skills adapted to a shifting economy.

We developed tough conservation measures, to protect the environment from further harm.

And we developed ambitious Social Safety Nets – for those unable to take care of themselves.

This has been a challenging process with many lessons learned.

We certainly look forward to applying them elsewhere in the very near future. But for now let us just say,

Welcome to the Global Village!

Co/Mix 2011 Programme out now!

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Bookings open online on 16 April!

Check http://comixart.wordpress.com/events/ and http://www.nafest.co.za/ for more details..

  • Opening of Exhibitions | 30 June | by invitation | Monument Gallery | 16:30 onwards |
  • Exhibition Walkabout | Free | Book @ Booking Office | 1 July | 11:30-12:30 |
  • Co/mix Seminar | “Comics Across the Oceans” | Free | Book @ Booking Office | 1 July | 15:00-16:30 |
  • Co/mix Seminar | “Cannibal Ogres, Mock Europeans, Faux Tintins and the Hovering Showerhead” | Free | Book @ Booking Office | 8 July | 14:00-15:00 |
  • ToonLab Cartoon Laboratories | Cost R40 | Book @ Booking Office | 3 July | or 9 July | 10:30-13:00 |
  • Masterclass on Cartooning and the Graphic Novel | Follows Toonlab | Cost R50 | Book @ Booking Office | 3 July | or 9 July | 14:00-17:00 |
  • Visual Art Performance Event (VAPE) | Free | Saturday 2 July 10:00 until completed later in the week | location to be announced |
  • ‘Velocity’ Launch | Free | 2 July | 16:00-17:00 |
  • Blank Toy Workshops | Cost R75 | Book @ Booking Office | 2 July by invitation | 5 July open to all | or 7 July open to all | 9:30-12:30 |

Note: Everything takes place at the exhibition venue, in the Thomas Pringle Hall, 1820 Settlers Monument, unless another venue is specified.

More details about each event can be found below:

1 July – Co/Mix Walkabout

Take a stroll around this stimulating and unusual exhibition with Jaques de Loustal (France), Ephameron (Belgium), JP Kalonji (Switserland) and Erik kriek (Netherlands) and SA Co/Mix artists. All welcome. Free of charge. (11:30-12:30)

Co/mix seminars

  • 1 July – ‘Comics Across The Oceans’, a panel discussion between renowned international comic artists Jacques de Loustal (France), Ephameron (Belgium) and South African comic artists, facilitated by Andy Mason. Loustal is famous for his richly illustrated travel journals, while Ephameron has created a series of drawings which construct a comparative visual iconography of everyday life in Belgium and South Africa. (15:00-16:30)
  • 8 July – ‘Cannibal Ogres, Mock Europeans, Faux Tintins and the Hovering Showerhead’, an illustrated lecture by Andy Mason, author of ‘What’s So Funny? Under the Skin of South African Cartooning’. The lecture looks at the visual stereotypes, symbols and icons that populate the history of South African cartooning and satirical art, from the colonial period to the present, culminating in the epic confrontation between Zapiro and Jacob Zuma. (14:00-15:00)


ToonLab Cartoon Laboratories

If you love to draw, come along and create your own cartoons at this interactive immersion into the world of comic art, facilitated by local and international artists. The best participants will be selected to proceed to the more advanced Co/Mix Masterclasses (see below). Ages 13 and up. Drawing materials provided. Cost: R40 per person.

  • 3 July – ToonLab 1 with Ephameron (Belgium) and SA Co/Mix artists (10:30-13:00)
  • 9 July – ToonLab 2 with Erik Kriek (Netherlands), JP Kalonji (Switzerland) and SA Co/Mix artists (10:30-13:00)


Masterclass on Cartooning and the Graphic Novel

If you are mad about comics or have some experience in drawing cartoons, bring some examples of your own work for a crit and create your own comic under the watchful eyes of renowned local and international comic artists. Ages 13 and up. Drawing materials provided or bring your own favourite pens and brushes. Cost: R50 per person.

  • 3 July – Masterclass 1 with Ephameron (Belgium) and SA Co/Mix artists. (14:00-17:00).
  • 9 July – Masterclass 2 with Erik Kriek (Netherlands), JP Kalonji (Switzerland) and SA Co/Mix artists. (14:00-17:00).


2 July – Visual Art Performance Event (VAPE)

A legendary crew of young Durban graffiti bandits joins forces with top comic artists to create a legal graffiti wall at an outdoor venue in Grahamstown. Rethink your preconceptions about the aesthetic value of graffiti and discover the tools and techniques behind the artform that upstanding citizens love to hate. Outdoor venue to be announced. All welcome. Free of charge.

CO/MIX Graffiti Wall work begins on Saturday 2 July at 10:00 and continues daily until completion of the wall.

Location of the wall to be announced.


Blank Toy Workshops

Participants get to customise their own plush toys at these fun, hands-on workshops, facilitated by Pete and Elaine Woodbridge, designers of the funky Woo-men Plush Toys. Each participant will be given a blank plush toy to customise during the workshop, creating their own unique plush character. All materials and tools are provided, including fabric paint, glue, scissors, and an assortment of odd and found objects. Participants may also bring their own materials. The workshops are limited to 12 participants from age 13 upwards. These workshops will appeal to crafters, artists, designers, free thinkers, and anybody who loves to get their hands dirty. No prior experience required. Participants keep their toy afterwards. All welcome. Cost: R75

  • 2 July -Workshop 1 Co/Mix Artists only (by invitation). Observers welcome. Toys created at this workshop will become part of the exhibition. 9:30-12:30
  • 5 July – Workshop 2 Open to All: 9:30-12:30
  • 7 July – Workshop 3 Open to All: 9:30-12:30
  • 10 July – Workshop 3 Open to All: 9:30-12:30


2 July – Launch of Velocity Graphic Novel Anthology

Velocity Graphic Novel Anthology is a Fantasy & Sci-Fi themed collaboration between 25 South African and Australian artists to create not only a fantastic read, but to also be a showpiece of the talent from both countries.

The power of fantasy and sci-fi lies in its ability to enable the artist to export problems, ideas and concepts into alternate realities and explore these ideas free from emotive ties to the real world. Velocity exists to give the artists exactly that kind of leeway.

The first issue will be launched in June in Australia, with a South African launch to follow on 2 July 2011 at the National arts Festival in Grahamstown as part of the Co/Mix exhibition.

The Velocity Graphic Novel Anthology is organised by Moray Rhoda in SA and by Neville Howard in Australia.

Visit their website at www.gaining-velocity.com for a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of this ambitious project.

16:00 to 17:00 All welcome

What a contrast!?!UK vs Egypt cartooning

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As I was browsing through the newspapers and online news sites of last week, my eye was caught by two articles on cartooning. The one from BBC News “Marriage mirth” announces the exhibition Royals and Commoners In and Out of Love. With the royal wedding just weeks away London’s Cartoon Museum is featuring a showcase of historic images of wedding related subjects including many cartoons on the Royal Family.

Steve Bell in the Guardian

(Funny, as I’m writing this I’m hearing two songs on the radio, “Death by Diamonds and Pearls” (Band of Skulls) and “Good Luck” (Basement Jaxx). Those words ‘Death by diamonds and pearls‘ and ‘totally deluded‘ seem to stick in my mind as i’m writing this post.. But I can’t really explain why)

The article in the Sunday Indepent (taken from the Washington post) AmidRevolution, Arab cartoonists draw attention talks about the role of cartoonists in the wake of the revolution and the freedom they enjoy now.

Oh boy oh boy, WHAT A CONTRAST!!

While cartoonists in the UK have been poking fun with the royal family for ages, cartoonists in Egypt for the first time in their live have been able to draw and publish a full image of Mubarak.
“Before the revolution, I [only] drew part of Mubarak — his big nose. When readers saw it, they knew what I meant,” says Okasha, who has received death threats over his work. “After the revolution, I am drawing Mubarak completely.”

Egyptian political cartoonist Sherif Arafa, 30, says: “It was impossible to criticize Mubarak in a governmental newspaper. The cartoon would never be published, and if it was, the editor in chief can lose his position and the cartoonist could get arrested.”

“I was working in a governmental newspaper, so I wasn’t allowed to criticize top officials and of course Mubarak,” Arafa says. “However, we had tricks to draw him in cartoons, such as cartooning him from the back.”

After the revolution, he says, “the first thing I did was cartoon Mubarak and publish it on the Cartoon Movement’s Web site. I finally published all the cartoons I had hidden in my drawers for many years.”


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