Dompas – A comic book collaboration with Robbie Millan and Zackie Achmat

April 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Roberto Millan, MPhil student in Visual Arts at Stellenbosch University and participating artist in Co/Mix 2011, shows his sketches of a collaboration project with Zackie Achmat. Roberto has been exploring illustration and comic art as a tool for human rights and political awareness. His final work will be shown at Co/Mix 2011 at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival!

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Dompas tells the love story of Mr and Mrs Komani, how they met and their battle to stay together in 1950s Apartheid South Africa. The comic takes the form of a passbook, the very object that prevented the Komanis from being together. The comic forms a translation of a chapter in the documentary film Law and Freedom by stalwart human rights activist Zackie Achmat and deals with how the infamous ‘Dompas’ (‘reference book’) system came to be abolished. The Dompas required all black people in the country at the time to carry a document that dictated where they could work while restricting them to certain parts of the country. This comic represents a collaboration and series of conversations between Achmat and myself while working on the comic version of the film, as well as the translated comic itself. The comic will be handbound, accompanied by a series of removable documents, a few of which include photographs, letters and other illustrations.

For more info, chech the official Co/Mix 2011 blog!


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