Another review: GEP issue 2

March 20, 2011 § 3 Comments

Gojo Entertainment proudly presents GEP ISSUE 2! And asks me to review it?!? That’s odd! I’m not exactly known for my friendly reviews nor for liking scifi or fantasy.. I hope they read my blog before contacting me.

Ah well, too late.. Here goes!

GEP, Gojo Entertainment Presents, is an anthology comic book series. Issue 2 contains 8 short stories, done by 11 artists of which two are South African, Dawid Strauss and Michael Smith. Written and edited by Diorgo Jonkers. Huh?!? One guy writes all the stories? What’s up with that?!? Hmm, 8 stories by one writer, drawn in different styles: action, sci-fi, kiddie cartoon, manga, fantasy and something uncomfortably pink and blue. Different styles, but one writer. It does bother me! It’s a different story every time and every artist tries hard to make it his/her own but like with all comics and other forms of literature, everyone has its own writing style which applies to both wording and scenario. In the case of GEP2, despite the different art styles, it feels like you’re reading a comic made by one guy. Would be cool if the one guy is Alan Moore. But then again, scenario is very high on my list, higher than artwork so let me stop bitching about it. You get the point.

Artwork. Some of it needs less airbrushing and more drawing effort, some of it is blurry without any reason, some of it needs less babe (nothing against babes, see most sexy comic babe), some of it needs more story, and some of it is disturbingly pink and blue.

But then there’s also Monster Buddy, it’s cute and simple and has faces with expressions. I like! There’s Sensory, a bit too clean, reminds me of illustrations for a school book or educational brochure, but honest and unpretentious. And finally, there’s Michael Smith! Only the essential text, one scene only, shot from different directions, close-up on the hands, full view of the room, reflection in the cup. A killer, a victim, a gun and a cup of tea.. Pure and simple. Beautifully done!

All in all, GEP issue 2 has some rather good pieces but also some work that needs a bit more originality, a bit more thinking, a bit more actual drawing. There’s a few names that I will keep track off. Actually, I will keep track of all of them! Because despite my criticism, I’m grateful for another brave initiative! In SA, one’s gotta turn over every rock to find comic artists. Yes, there’s a scene in most towns but few of them publish or get published, in print or online. You gotta know them personally to admire their work (except for some samples on Deviant Art).

So, much respect for GEP and Velocity to publish comic artists!


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§ 3 Responses to Another review: GEP issue 2

  • moray says:

    I think that’s a balanced, well-written good review, either you’re getting soft or it’s a job well done by the creators. Either way – I’ll be looking out for it.

    From the sampling of art it looks like the production values are pretty high, which is always good to see. Even more gratifying is the fact that (with the exception of Dawid Strauss and Diorgo) I’ve never even heard of the rest of them…

  • Lieve says:

    Thanks Moray! Maybe I just learned a lesson with my first review đŸ˜‰

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