Andy Mason finally for Sale online

February 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Andy Mason’s much acclaimed “What’s So Funny?” is now for sale right here. (click on previous sentence and you will get redirected to Monsterpay)

“Mason takes us through the work of Cruikshank in his 1819 cartoons portraying the prototype cannibal ogre as representations extracted from European folklore tradition and plonked on African soil to give voice to the unknown faced by British immigrants; the political work in the Afrikaans press by Fred Mouton and others who developed a visual language of swart gevaar represented by darkness, drowning and suffocation; English-speaking liberal cartoonists who employed scenes of whirlwinds, hurricanes and bushfires to represent the ‘winds of change’; Daniel Boonzaier who traded on the anti-Semitism of the Anglo-Boer war period to demonise the Randlords called Hoggenheimer; David Marais used the second world war period to demonise Afrikaner politicians by dressing them up in Nazi uniforms; Jock Leyden, the affable Scotsman who gave voice to the English tendency to remain separate and aloof, as if raised slightly above everyone else, with an emergency return ticket lodged like an insurance policy in the back of the mind to his great friend, Zapiro, who has been challenged by others of being guilty of racism in his post-Polokwane cartoons depicting Zuma with an ogre–like caricature with its double-domed head bearing an uncanny resemblance to the Cruikshank cannibal ogres of almost 200 years ago. The wheel has turned and we are back where we started. Mason concludes by saying he has no idea how the next chapter in the South African story is to unfold but that our cartoonists will continue to enrich the life of the nation. This is a serious history of a fascinating aspect of our everyday lives and deserves considerable attention.” (Review by Peter Soal)


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